Best Office Chair Under 100 in 2018 – Review & Guide

Best Office Chair Under 100

It’s true that we often spend a good amount of money for decorating an office interior. Little do we think about comfortability of the employee. When an employee works for long 8 hours sitting in a chair, it’s already hectic.

Additionally, constantly sitting in an uncomfortable chair causes severe back pain. So, have you a tight budget? Searching for the best office chair under 100 dollars?

The concept of best office chair is also very subjective, and good quality chairs are often expensive. But, not to worry at all. Because we understand your need and thus picked up the desired office chairs within your budget.

Not to worry at all. To give you relief from all the hassle, we have spent around 72 hours for research, analysis, ratings, the survey to pick the best office chairs for you.

Our chosen chairs are based on all the required factors that most users usually require. These chairs are not the only budget-friendly but also durable and top-rated on Amazon.

Let’s start finding the best office chairs for under 100!

Best Office Chair Under 100 – Top 3 Pick

Are you wondering how to find the suitable office chair within budget? We do understand that finding the most suitable office chair is a real struggle and you need to spend hours and days to find one.

In recent times, there are many marketplaces where you will find the best office chairs 2018 under 100. But, out top picks chairs are highly recommended by many users and available within budget. In fact, here you will get only the best amazon office chairs under 100. You can consider to purchase them that matches your need and requirements.

AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair

AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer ChairAmazon itself is a trustworthy marketplace where you can find various types of high-quality products.

You will be amazed to know the AmazonBasics produces the best office chair. So, it’s easy to say that there will be no doubt about the quality of the chair.

Also, the name of the chair describes the most significant aspect of the chair. People who work on the computer for a long time need lumbar support.

Thus, the chair is specially designed with adjustable back in order to support and relax the lower back during working hours.

Moreover, the contoured mesh ensures breathability and gives you the freedom to flexibly lean back and relax. The padded seat is so comfortable that once you seat in, you won’t want to get up!

You can also adjust the height as you like. The chair also has the maximum weight capacity, so if the user is even 200 pound, they can comfortably work sitting on the chair.

When we are at work, we often need to move around. You can easily do this with the 360-degree swivel & smooth-rolling casters of the chair. So if you are looking for a multi-purpose computer chair, you can definitely go for AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair.


  • The chair is available in four different colors
  • It’s an ideal computer chair with low back support
  • It has the maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds
  • The padded seat and adjustable back makes the chair a comfortable one


Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk Chair

Furmax Office Chair Leather Desk ChairUsually, the ergonomic office chairs are suggested as to be the ideal office chair. However, there is a huge availability of office chairs amazon from diverse brands. How to find the best ergonomic office chairs among them?

That’s why, here, we recommend you the second best-rated office chairs under 100 2018 belongs to the popular brand Furmax. It’s also a multi-purpose ergonomic chair that is also comfortable and durable.

The ergonomic chair amazon is quite popular not only for official purposes but also for the back pain reliever.

Therefore, the Furmax has designed this chair, especially with ergonomic design, with a high back, leather seat, and padded armrests.

Are you wondering about the sitting position? Well, no matter if you are a short or tall person, you can easily move up and down to adjust the seat and set it to your comfortable position. It’s also a stylish looking durable chair that you can purchase for your office or personal use.


  • The seat is flexible and adjustable to the height
  • The universal caster helps to swivel 360 degree
  • It has the maximum weight capacity of up to 280 lbs
  • It’s an ideal ergonomic chair for office workers and gamers
  • The chair comes with adjustable seat and conventional tilt mechanism


Flash Furniture High Back Black Mesh Executive Swivel Chair

Flash Furniture High Back Black Mesh Executive Swivel ChairThe ergonomic chairs are so amazing; thus we have picked the third best ergonomic office chair amazon by Flash Furniture. The chair has a high back design and comes with an adjustable headrest.

While working for a long time, our body wants to relax. Sitting on this mesh executive swivel chair, you need to just lean the neck on the chair and adjust the back.

It will give relief to the whole body. Also, the chair is designed in such that you can comfortably place your hand on the padded armrests.

To support your back, the chair has a built-in lumbar support and upholstered seat. The waterfall seat ensures proper blood circulation to the body. Similar to any other good quality chairs, you can adjust the chair according to your height.

The nylon base of the seat also makes the chair most durable one. The mesh ergonomic computer chairs are a new trend that lasts for another 10 years. So, it would be wise to keep pace with the advancement and make a long time investment on an office chair.

Would you like to consider Flash Furniture High Back Black Mesh Executive Swivel Chair for your future investment? Grab it fast without any hesitation.


  • It’s a contemporary office chair
  • Comfortable and durable office chair
  • The built-in lumbar support is great for back pain
  • It has a high back mesh with the ventilated material
  • Comes with a pneumatic seat height adjustment with tilt lock mechanism


Best Office Chair Under 100 – Editor’s choice

Are you upset? Still, haven’t found your desired office chair within budget? Stay with us because we still have more of the best amazon office chairs under 100 to review. Are you worried about the quality?

You shouldn’t because these chairs are chosen by our editors. These chairs are also with outstanding quality and consistently rated as the best office chairs on Amazon.

Moreover, these chairs are also highly recommended by the mass users. Without any hesitation, you can consider purchasing the one that matches with your requirements.

BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair

BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office ChairDo you want your office chair to be extra cozy? Not everyone likes the nylon base chairs. Some users prefer a soft seat and back that gives the essence of a comfortable sofa.

Here is the good news for them! We have picked the PU leather come ergonomic office chair by BestOffice.

This chair has all the ergonomic features that give the proper curve suitable to the body. Just to ensure excellent comfort level, the chair has soft PU leather upholstery and sufficient padding.

Once you seat in the chair, you will indulge in the utmost relaxation. Just because it’s soft, doesn’t mean it’s not good for your back.

Surely, the chair is designed in a way that your back pain will be gone. Additionally, the padded backrest, seat cushion, and the leg position will also improve your sitting posture.

Along with comfort, the appearance is also equally important. The chair is designed with the modern look that will fit with any interior decoration. For safety and longevity, the chair material is made resistant to oil and water.

Similar to any other great chair, you can adjust the chair position and smoothly move around with the chair throughout the workplace.

So, if you are looking for a cozy office chair that has all the modern qualities, you can consider purchasing BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair.


  • Ergonomic chair with excellent comfort
  • An adjustable chair and can swivel 360 degree
  • The backrest and seat is covered with soft PU leather
  • It’s an effective chair for back pain, leg pain, and posture improvement


OFM Essentials Leather Executive Office/Computer Chair

OFM Essentials Leather Executive Office/Computer ChairNow, the 5th yet one of the best budget office chairs under 100 is another ergonomic chair by OFM. it’s a classic office chair that is also durable and available at a budget-friendly price.

So with the durability and the affordable price of a chair, one doesn’t need to compromise with comfortability.

To make sure this quality exists in the chair, the OFM has designed the chair to properly support the upper body, back, neck and arms.

The smoothly textured leather seat gives tranquility. It will not only be a great support to your body but also ensure your sitting posture is improved.

Additionally, the tailored stitch gives luxurious look that you can set this chair to accelerate the beauty of indoor atmosphere.

The chair comes with high-quality padding and strong material that you can casually use the chair for years. So, for increasing your employee’s motivation and give the utmost comfortability, you can buy the OFM Essentials Leather Executive Office/Computer Chair.


  • Maximum weight capacity of 250 pound
  • It’s an executive 360-degree swivel chair
  • High quality and a durable office chair for long time usage
  • The integrated headrest is beneficial for upper body and neck
  • You can adjust the chair according to the suitable sitting position
  • The chair comes with proper posture support with ergonomic design


Office Star Mesh Back & Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro & Lumbar Support Managers Chair

Office Star Mesh Back & Seat, 2-to-1 Synchro & Lumbar Support Managers ChairOne shouldn’t judge the office chair by its simple look because the chair comes with amazing quality. Yes, the brand “Office Star” has launched this perfect office chair that is specially designed to support the back.

If you are suffering from severe back pain and looking for the best-suited chair, you may consider this chair.

The chair comes with a feature of lumbar support that will not only release back pain but also improve your sitting posture.

You can easily adjust the breathable seat according to your height and desk position. For your extra comfort, you can also adjust the back and height of the chair with the underneath knob. You can also place your hand comfortably on the padded armrests.

As you require, you can also flip up and down the arm whenever you feel like.

Those who are conscious of environmental pollution, they can choose this eco-friendly chair. This chair is also certified by the Greenguard for ensuring low VOC in manufacture.

So, if you are looking for a simple and professional office chair for your workplace, you can undoubtedly purchase the mesh chair by Office Star.


  • Flip arms and durable casters
  • Comes with a breathable mesh seat
  • The lumbar support is great for lower back
  • It’s an eco-friendly chair certified by Greenguard
  • You can adjust the height and back of the chair with the knob controller


Furmax High Back Office Chair PU Leather Executive Desk chair

Furmax High Back Office Chair PU Leather Executive Desk chairYou have already seen the Furmax is a reliable brand that produces the best office chairs under 100 dollars. Specifically, they have expertise in manufacturing ergonomic chair with breathable material.

Even though the chair is designed to support the lumbar, it’s purposefully cushioned with the soft sponge. Thus, the users who are looking for a back pain reliever can consider this cozy chair.

The curved armrest also provides additional support to the upper body for relaxation. Then the leather cover gives the chair a luxurious look.

The leather material tends to be long-lasting. That is why you don’t need to worry about its durability and you can expect this chair to serve for a long time.

Moreover, the chair has the highest weight capacity compared to all the enlisted chairs. To be specific, it can confidently deal with 300 lbs to the maximum.

So, if you are looking for an extra cozy office chair that will also be effective for lower back, you can consider the Furmax High Back Office Chair PU Leather Executive Desk chair. It’s an ideal desk chair that you will be suitable for home, office, reception or conference room.


  • Ergonomic design is suitable for back pain
  • The padded seat ensures comfort for the back
  • The chair is made of a breathable leather material
  • It’s a durable and a comfortable chair for home and workplace


Flash Furniture High Back White Leather Executive Swivel Chair

Flash Furniture High Back White Leather Executive Swivel ChairLastly, the 8th of the best office chairs under $100 is from Flash Furniture. This chair will blow your mind with the stylish look.

You can choose from the black and white color chair whichever matches with your office interior. You can pick anyone and undoubtedly the chair will turn your normal office atmosphere into an elegant one.

The horizontal stitching of the chair gives a futuristic look that will be in trend for all time. Along with the look, the chair also comes with proper comfort for your workstation.

There is an adequate cushion in all over the chair body that will soothe your lower back, upper body, and spine.

It’s an ideal ergonomic chair that will not only improve your posture but also remove back pain. If you continuously seat in the chair while work, eventually it will release your back oriented problems.

Similar to any other office chairs, you can adjust and control the sitting position. The chair also contains a tilt lock mechanism.

So, if you don’t want to compromise with a stylish looking chair and demands the utmost comfortability, here is the right one for you!

The Flash Furniture High Back White Leather Executive Swivel Chair does not just come with a fashionable look but also all the advanced mechanism that is required for a good office chair.


  • It’s a contemporary office chair
  • The chair can swivel 360 degree
  • Perfect chair for proper blood flow
  • The chair has a high back and a built-in lumbar support
  • The tilt tension is adjustable and locked according to the need


Q) Which office chair is best?

Ans: even though it’s a bit difficult to suggest which is the best office chair, we would try our best to recommend the most comfortable and durable one.

On the basis of the selling status and users’ recommendation, we would suggest you purchase AmazonBasics Low-Back Computer Chair. It’s one of the top rated and bestselling office chair from a trustable brand.

Q) Which office chairs are best for your back?

Ans: Usually, sitting in an inappropriate chair causes lower back pain. However, different people may feel back pain in upper body or lower body.

Thus, you should look for a chair that provides lumbar support and provides a suitable sitting position. The ergonomic chairs are specially designed to release back pain and ensure proper blood flow.

Q) How are office chairs made?

Ans: the purpose of making office chairs is mobility and comfortability. The specialty of an office chair is mostly in the design. The chair is made suitable with the office work. The user can adjust the height and tilt the lock according to the required position.

The back and seat positions are integrated to provide proper back support. Also, the chair comes with small feet and wheel casters so that user can swivel 360-degree and swiftly move around the room.

Q) How high office chair?

Ans: A chair that is too low or too high can cause serious health issues in the long run. Here is the trick to finding out how high your office chair should be. Step away from the chair and stand in front of it. Now adjust the seat height and set it just below the kneecap.

Now sit down. Make sure your feet are at a 90-degree angle and stays flat on the floor. This is the ideal lower body sitting position. As you sit in, there should be enough space below your desk to cross or move the legs freely.

Final Verdict

To be able to work in a cozy environment is also a part of work motivation. Only the best office chair can bring the energy and enthusiasm to the employees to smoothly work for long hours. Here we have tried our best recommending you the best office chair under 100.

Our chosen chairs are not only comfortable and budget-friendly but also appropriate for the office interior. We assure you that if you pick any of the enlisted office chairs for your workplace or any other purposes, you will not regret. We hope you have found your desired office chairs under 100.

Have a great time with your office chair! 🙂

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