How to Choose a Comfortable Armchair

How to Choose a Comfortable Armchair

Choosing the best armchair isn’t a tough task, but it’s much tricky nowadays. Though armchair isn’t as pricey as a sofa, you should consider some essential features before investing. Where to know the must-have features?

Well, today we are here to share our experience and knowledge about the key features of an armchair. This article will assist you to choose the right one for your need. So, keep reading!


Size is an important feature that you should keep in mind before picking up an armchair. Since we are not all one size, then you have to find chairs according to your size. The best armchair should have the correct depth, width, and footrest position. Ideal depth of an armchair is 1.5-2 inches, the width should be around 22-24 inches, and the footrest shouldn’t be more extensive than 12-15 inches.

Now, you should measure your desire armchair with other furniture of your room. Surely you don’t want your house to be cramped. So, it should suit the circumstances of the place. Keep in mind that there should be enough space for walking or moving to your room.


Your choice will define your personality and style. Before shopping, consider the entire decor of the room. Choose an eye-catching designed armchair which will match with your other sitting furniture. Room with different color furniture makes a beautiful environment.

So before selection, think how the armchair suits with the other furniture. For example, if you have a black color sofa, you may select a red or orange color armchair. If you don’t like colorful furniture, in that case, you can choose black and white. These color combinations make the decoration classy and stylish.


Selection of fabric of the armchair depends on your lifestyle. For the best armchair, you should choose a fabric which is not only good looking and stylish but also comfortable while sitting. Armchairs come with different types of fabric. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Velvet

You might like the luxurious velvet fabric. But you should know that this fabric requires high-maintenance. If you own a pet like a dog or a cat, then you should avoid velvet fabric. Because your pet’s fur will make the chair messy and you have to brush it frequently.

  1. Linen

For a formal environment, linen is the best choice. The reason is to become wrinkles easily. If you want to avoid shrinkage, you shouldn’t buy an armchair with linen fabric because it’s, recommended to be washed professionally.

  1. Leather

The armchair which comes with a leather fabric is much durable than others. You don’t have to worry if you pour water or juice in your armchair.

Another thing you should consider is that you want to choose either a fixed cover armchair or the removable one. The fixed one is cheaper, and you can’t wash it if you want. On the other hand, the armchair with removable cover is costly, but you can wash it or do dry cleaning.

  1. Vinyl

Vinyl is cheaper than leather and easily washed. It perfectly suits the busy family.

  1. Cotton

It’s a natural fabric which gives excellent protection from fading and pilling. But it can protect less to wrinkling, soil, and fire. The durability of cotton depends on finish and design.

  1. Wool

To protect your chair from pilling, fading, wrinkling, and soil you can use wool. If you want to clean the fabric easily the yarn must be mixed with a synthetic fiber.

  1. Silk

Silk is a sensitive fabric which is only fit for the formal living room. You have to clean it professionally.

  1. Nylon

Nylon is rarely used to manufacture armchair. Commonly, nylon is mixed with other fibers to make it stronger than other fabrics. Nylon is very flexible and doesn’t get wrinkled easily but lead to fade and pill.

  1. Olefin

For your furniture, Olefin is an excellent choice. Thee armchairs made of olefin lasts for longer than others.

  1. Polyester

As like Nylon, it’s also rarely used in upholstery and mixed with other fibers to resist wrinkle, fading and crushing of napped fabrics. If polyester blends with wool, it bothers pilling problems.

  1. Rayon

You can call it a multiple fabric because it looks like imitation silk, linen, and cotton. Rayon is durable and wrinkleless.

How to Understand the Best Armchair’s Comfortability?

Do you know what options make the armchair comfortable? Well, they are the seat, chair back, arms, the angle of the chair and many more. I will describe it for you.


If you want the best armchair, it should contain a comfortable seat. First, check the seat if it sinks much or not. If it sinks too much, you have to struggle to get out. On the other hand, if the seat is too much hard, you will feel uncomfortable after sitting for a while.

Chair Back

You can buy a chair with a high or low back. If you want to pass your leisure time or gossip sitting on the armchair, you should go for a lower back one. If you are a regular book reader or TV viewer, you should choose a high chair back which will provide you with some neck support.

Do you know there are two types of the back? Well, one is covered tightly, and another one is of loose cushions. You can choose anyone you like. But, if you are searching for a combination of settled tight back along with cushion, you can use an additional pillow which may offer you several options.

For example, the pillow will provide you with more support; make the seat of the armchair more superficial, and most importantly you can choose the pillow with a different color.


Definitely, you will buy an armchair for its comfortable arms where you can rest your hands for relaxation. So, arms of the chair should be checked whether you can put your hands naturally or it feels awkward.

Arms have many styles. They can be cushioned or made with different materials like wood or metal. If the chair arms are padded with fabric and some cotton, then you will feel comfier.


A quality armchair should serve you for a lifetime. Quality of an armchair doesn’t define only how long it will survive, but also its comfort level, look, and durability. Wood is the most common frame choice for the armchair. On the other hand, a steel framed chair is durable, and you can use it harshly.

Try to find out the elements the seller has used for making the armchair. Also, try to know the durability of the fabrics and frame. As quality product stay longer, they should provide an extended warranty.


Ideally, a standard armchair should last for a long time. Thoroughly inspect your desire armchair before purchasing. Don’t be overwhelmed by just watching the eye-catching fabric; you should also consider the frame of the chair.

If it’s a wooden armchair, ask the seller what type of timber it is, how long it will survive, and whether they are giving any warranty on the wood. For the metallic chair, consider the quality of the metal. You can ask the seller whether it will rust in and is it well finished with the fabric or not.

If you have little children or pets, don’t buy a piece of high-maintenance furniture for your home. Your comfort level may change to tear.

Final Verdict

When you decide to purchase an armchair, don’t go only for the trends but also remember that you need a chair for your comfortability. Consider the above features to avoid trouble.

Hope you can buy a comfortable and beautiful armchair! 🙂

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